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Visit Us in Atlanta, GA for Brake & Axle Repairs

Your vehicle’s safety features, such as the brakes and suspension components, keep drivers and passengers safe while you’re out on the road. All Pro Transmission & Auto Care is a team of ASE-certified technicians dedicated to providing car and truck owners qualified repairs and maintenance of these crucial parts. We bring nearly 30 years of service to car owners in the Atlanta metro area and back all of our work and parts up with guaranteed warranties. Call for honest services today.

mechanic working on brake pads

Axle Services for Cars, Trucks,Box Trucks, Shuttle Bus, and Limousine

Your car or truck needs a working axle to support the vehicle’s weight and make the tires rotate. If there are any axle problems, you may hear a loud clanking noise when you put it into gear or feel bad vibrations after a collision with a big pothole or curb. Other times you might see leaking grease. Overloaded cargo or hitting holes and bumps just right are typical contributors to axle damage. We offer complete inspection, assessment, and replacements of axle parts to get you back to a smoother ride.

Brake Repairs and Replacements

Brakes on cars and trucks consist of three main parts: brake pads, rotors, and calipers. Each needs to be replaced at various times, with the pads being the most frequent and inexpensive part to replace. Factors such as driving habits, road conditions, and mileage will determine when each piece needs to be replaced, but there are a few signs to be aware of that signal your brakes need attention, such as:

  • Squealing when you apply the brakes
  • Grinding noises
  • Pulsing in the steering wheel when you slow down from high speeds
  • A brake pedal that is soft or requires a lot of force to stop

Suspension Repairs and Maintenance

A vehicle’s suspension is the protective apparatus that helps absorb shocks while providing a smooth ride. Rough road conditions, such as potholes, speed bumps, unpaved roads, and other uneven terrains, can do a number on this part of your car or truck. Our auto services include alignments and full repairs and replacement parts for the vehicle’s struts and suspension. Visit us if you notice:

  • A continued bouncing after going over bumps
  • Drifting or pulling of your vehicle to one side
  • One side of the car dipping lower than the other
  • Difficulty steering

We Are Here to Serve You and Your Vehicle

If you notice odd noises, vibrations, or drifting and pulling in your car, these could all be signs of brake, suspension, or axle problems. The ASE-certified technicians at All Pro Transmission & Auto Care can provide the proper repairs and parts designed specifically for your make and model to get you back to a smooth and comfortable ride. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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