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AC & Radiator Services for Cars and Trucks in Atlanta, GA

Being comfortable in your vehicle is critical, especially during the hot summer months in the Atlanta, GA area. All Pro Transmission & Auto Care offers comprehensive AC and radiator services by ASE-certified technicians for car and truck owners in the Atlanta metro area. We’ve been serving the community for more than two decades with honest, reliable, and affordable car care. Our clean and courteous crew will have you in and out of our service shop quickly so you can get back to your daily routine. Contact us to schedule service today.

mechanic checking car fluids

Schedule AC and Radiator Service for Your Vehicle

You’ve made a significant investment in your vehicle. You shouldn’t be forced to drive around in discomfort due to faulty air conditioning or heating components. Contact the professionals at All Pro Transmission & Auto Care in Atlanta, GA, for fast and reliable AC and radiator services today.

Common Services for Vehicle Heat and Air Conditioning

The heat, AC, and radiator in your vehicle all work together to provide comfort to you and your passengers while keeping your car from overheating. If one of the components fails or starts to go bad, you may notice some unusual signs. Common problems include no cool air coming out of the vents, funny smells when you turn on the heat or AC, or leaking refrigerant or coolant underneath your car. At the first sign of any problem, give us a call. We can make any repair and replacements as necessary, such as:

  • AC Compressors – This is an important part that compresses the refrigerant in your AC to cool down the hot and humid air.
  • AC Condensers – The condenser is responsible for turning the gaseous refrigerant back to a liquid state so it can return as cool air into your car.
  • Receiver Dryer – Your AC needs this to keep moisture and contaminants from the system for proper function.
  • Cabin Air Filter – These should be replaced periodically because they remove dust and pollen from the air you breathe inside your car.
  • Heater Core – Coolant circulates through tiny tubes in the heater core and radiates heat into your car to keep you warm when the temps drop.
  • Heater Hoses – The hoses help remove excess amounts of heated engine coolant from the car’s engine. These hoses can wear and eventually rupture, causing coolant leaks.

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