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Free Towing Atlanta

For the convenience of our customers, All Pro Transmission provides free towing with transmission overhaul in metro Atlanta. We understand that transmission problems are often unexpected, for that reason we offer a free transmission performance check, computer diagnostic, road test, and multi-lift inspection. Scheduling to pick up your vehicle is simple. Just call 770-849-7944 we will have your vehicle towed to our transmission repair shop for repairs.

Performance Check
  • Computer Diagnostics: We use a high-tech scanner to retrieve trouble codes from your computer that will indicate the problem in your transmission or any other problems in your vehicle.
  • Road Test – An experienced tech will road test your vehicle to determine the problems of your transmission.
  • Multi-Lift Inspection: The vehicle is securely lifted and inspected to detect transmission leaks or any external transmission problems you may have.
Transmission Service

Once our qualified transmission technician has determined that your transmission has an internal failure and needs removal, we will proceed to remove your transmission with your consent. The next step is to disassemble where internal inspection is performed and damage parts and determined. Damaged parts are then replaced and necessary updates and modifications are performed upon repair authorization. After the transmission is reassembled, it is then carefully and neatly installed back in your vehicle. Transmission fluid is filled after transmission lines have been flushed and cleaned. Finally, the vehicle is ready to be test-driven and relearned as the owner’s manual indicates. All Pro Transmission in Atlanta, GA will then put you back on the road.

If you need transmission repair services right now, call 770-849-7944. We provide free towing in Atlanta with a transmission or engine overhaul. Browse our website for more information on our transmission repair or for questions or comments please contact us.

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