Atlanta Transmission Repair

All Pro Transmission & Auto Care provides experienced transmission repair,Transmission Installation, replacement and  transmission maintenance in Atlanta GA. When you’re looking for an Atlanta transmission repair service provider, you need to know that you’re bringing your car or truck to a shop that has experience, integrity, knowledgeable staff, certified technicians and competitive pricing.

With over 28 years of experience in transmission repair services All Pro Transmission is fully capable and equipped to perform your transmission repairs. While your vehicle is at our shop you can be confident that all transmission repairs are being handled correctly and performed to specs. Our ASE certified transmission technicians and professional staff will work with you to help you get your auto transmission repaired when you need it the most.


  • Vehicle will not move forward or reverse
  • Transmission fluid is dark or burnt
  • Vehicle is making a grinding noise
  • Vehicle stops moving when hot
  • Check engine light on/ O/D light on
  •  Transmission is slipping
  • Missing a shift or experiencing erratic shifting
  •  Your vehicle will not go over a certain speed
  •  There is a delay in shifts
  • Transmission fluid leaking
  • Metal in pan during fluid change
  • Vehicle banging into gear
  •  Clunking noise
  • Be aware of unusual noises

If you feel that your vehicle has a transmission problem based on the symptoms stated above, do not hesitate to bring in your vehicle in for a Free Performance & Computer Diagnostic performed by All Pro Transmission’s certified technicians. Avoid further damage to your transmission by towing in your vehicle rather than driving it.  Towing is available with transmission repair in Atlanta GA. You may call at any time to schedule your tow.


Once our  qualified transmission technician has determined that your transmission  has an internal failure and needs removal, we will proceed to remove your transmission with your consent. The next step is disassemble where internal inspection is performed and damage parts and determined. Damaged parts are then replaced and necessary updates and modifications are performed upon repair authorization. After transmission is reassembled,it is then carefully and neatly installed back in your vehicle. Transmission fluid is filled after transmission lines have been flushed and cleaned. Finally vehicle is ready to be test driven and relearned as owner’s manual indicates. All Pro Transmission in Atlanta GA will then put you back on the road.

We make every effort to provide our services with competitive pricing. We know that transmission repairs can be an unexpected expense, which is why we offer transmission specials and auto repair coupons. No matter what, we find a way to ensure that our customers can afford a high-quality repair experience that they deserve.

We specialize in foreign and domestic cars and models including:

Lexus Honda BMW Mercedez-Benz
Jaguars Acura Ford Audi
Ford Hummer Infiniti Nissan
Chevrolet Toyota Buick Cadillac
Volvo Mercury Lincoln Saturn
GMC Subaru Box Trucks Rvs

Contact All Pro Transmission today at (770) 849-7944 and discover our professional Atlanta transmission repair and auto repair services. We can even provide you with a general quote for your auto repair needs.

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