Most common Transmission Problems

Here are some of the common symptoms that some of our customers experience when they bring their vehicles.

Customers complaint: ” my care will not move forward, my car feels like  it is not shifting, my vehicle has lost reverse, my car feels like it is slipping, vehicle will not go over 30 mph. It feels like I am having a problem accelerating my car, my car has a grinding noise , I have a shuttering noise, overdrive light is flashing on my Ford Explorer. The car made a loud noise and quit pulling.”  Our customers are required to fill in a symptom sheet upon arrival. Other symptoms  such as dark transmission fluid- your fluid should be pink or reddish color. Metal in transmission fluid is an indication of worn out parts inside your transmission.  If your check engine light turns on with any of these symptoms It is a good idea that you have it scanned by your local mechanic.  Not all Transmission codes are an indication that you have a transmission problem however.  In short, if any of these symptoms are happening to your vehicle, it is probably time you visit your local transmission repair shop in Atlanta.

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